Hassan Habib Hassan Habib
Posted 531 days ago

LG G4 , Only One Week Used, Gifted Mobile, Same As Brand New,

Hi, I'm selling #LG G4 , Same asNew,
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Hassan Habib its still available
  • Hassan Habib u can whatsapp me
  • Hassan Habib u can whatsapp me
  • Youae 620? final today. lemme.know the specification also.
  • Youae make it 620 then will buy it
  • Youae what's the specification.
  • Hassan Habib no brother i cant make 575
  • Youae can we deal this for 575. Will buy today. lemme know if any issues and also the specification of the phone.
  • Youae specification pls
  • Hassan Habib its complete accessories
  • Asif it is with complete accessories
  • Hassan Habib sorry not possible
  • Asif what is the specification and is this uae version of US
  • Asif 500aed
  • Matty hahahahaha
  • Hassan Habib not possible, 620 u buy rit now
  • Matty 480 I'll buy right now
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680 AED, delivery included