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Samsung S7 Edge

Hi, I'm selling #Samsung S7 Edge refurbished box seal packed with all accessories, made in vietnam.
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • hesam saffari What is your Whatsapp number just give me or message me in Whatsapp 0502342629
  • hesam saffari Like the camera is dual camera and dual stabilization?
  • SRIROHIT size same built same, screen resolution cannot compare withoriginal as price 5 times less its value of money fine cam touch and battery is pretty much nice...
  • hesam saffari Like what about the screen it’s 4K and resolutions is same and screen to body ratio like you know what I mean I use note8 tell me is there a huge different between original and master copy?
  • hesam saffari It’s same quality as original or have some different be Honey please o searching for good phone
  • SRIROHIT premium copy
  • SRIROHIT note 8 available
  • hesam saffari Still available
  • Archie Gabriel 350aed ok
  • SRIROHIT ok 850
  • Choithramsafa Choithramsafa 850
  • SRIROHIT sold already.
  • Sohail Jaan possible exchange with xperia z5 orignal dual sim
  • علاء الغانم 0552603744
  • علاء الغانم 800
  • Ali Tiger 650 ok
  • SRIROHIT as of now s8 edge available check my listing
  • Ali Tiger if these orginal I buy 500
  • Muharam Ali tell me final price bro
  • Arif Amri 600 ok
  • SRIROHIT @rubenreji @nandarajbanshi contact whatsapp 0521373486 if still looking for...
  • Sonu_Gurnani It's not refurbished it's a copy
  • mohammed any warranty
  • Alizeh fayaz 500?
  • Nanda Rajbanshi Hi SRK I want this send u'r mbl no.
  • RubenReji SRK is it available for 750 please
  • SRIROHIT blue only
  • SRIROHIT blue only
  • M ADIL black colour you have
  • M ADIL 700
  • Jack Garcia Fred original if original send me your contact
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