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Posted 531 days ago

HTC Mobile

Hi, I'm selling #HTC Mobile My touch mobile with complete accessories
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • real Deal Hello
  • md mamun hi
  • Axel Pitogo message me thru watsup 0554427273
  • Axel Pitogo up..
  • real Deal Yes
  • gulfam-abdul pattewale ?
  • gulfam-abdul pattewale Working properly
  • real Deal Yes. But look new
  • ramu0000 this mobile used
  • real Deal Beautiful mobile
  • real Deal Yes
  • Cheryl touch and type?
  • gulfam-abdul pattewale ?
  • gulfam-abdul pattewale Ram ?memory?camera?dual sim?
  • Matty i bought it for around 500 back then. 6 years ago
  • real Deal 😃how much you buy bro
  • Matty omg i believe it. this was my first smartphone
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165 AED, delivery included