Posted 713 days ago

Panasonic Home Theatre Including DVD player, Woofer And 5 Speakers!

Hi, I'm selling #Panasonic Home Theatre Including DVD player, Woofer And 5 Speakers! Used for around 6 months! Remote is not available. DVD player's picture not uploaded.
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • B.K. Last price and Binu bhai, never used it so I don’t think there is any problem. But I don’t think I have wires for it.
  • Biju Bhai what problem this system
  • Rommel Anabe hi . thats the last price for that ?
  • B.K. Yes
  • Biju Bhai how is working only music
  • B.K. Ohh sorry I forgot, will check tonight
  • Ferdinand Pls check the wire
  • B.K. Yes, DVD is of Panasonic. Let me check about wires.
  • Ferdinand dvd player also Panasonic?
  • Ferdinand there's a wire?
  • B.K. I reduced now because I do not have wires.
  • B.K. You can see some one had offered 200 but at that time I didn’t reduce the price.
  • B.K. Brother just reduced from 250 to 193 for sale
  • Umarsher last price
  • B.K. If you are interested, I can make aed 250 last
  • B.K. Sorry for the late response
  • B.K. Hi
  • Sheikhshoaib 200
  • Mazim ok no problem :)
  • Mazim sorry 100 last :)
  • Mazim just want the speakers and woofer. final offer 100
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193 AED, delivery included