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Posted 525 days ago

Enet Smart Phone + Bluetooth Headset

Hi, I'm selling #Enet Smart Phone + Bluetooth Headset
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • mekala this is not a phone. just a scrap
  • mekala can u reply me in pm
  • mekala chat s not working.
  • mekala I did pm u. can u reply.
  • Mazim complain
  • Mazim there is something wrong with the servers i guess. it's not working for many people :(
  • Hanamol1084 chat to seller not working
  • Ustore Click on. "CHAT TO SELLER"
  • Ustore hi bro u can chat here as private CLICK ON CHAT
  • Hanamol1084 110 ok bro
  • Mazim give your WhatsApp
  • Ustore message me in private
  • Mazim sorry I'll pay 100 last
  • Ustore without Bluetooth
  • Ustore 125 last bro
  • Mazim only phone. no Bluetooth
  • Mazim 100 final
Contact seller
130 AED, delivery included