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LG K10 5"3HD 4G Brand New Sealed Box

Hi, I'm selling #LG K10 5"3HD 4G Brand New Sealed Box
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Sana Do you have other
  • Zupersale 3 month
  • Adat0828 seller's warranty?
  • Adat0828 so which warranty ?
  • Zupersale This from direct seller that why this price u will get
  • Adat0828 souq price is 499, axiom price is 699
  • Adat0828 souq or axiom ??
  • Shafqat Ali 400
  • mekala hello
  • Zupersale What u want promo code?
  • Aslam Mehmood i know a code text me in pm
  • sanwan make 450 last please
  • Zupersale Raise the money bro
  • sanwan I wanna buy mobile but need 40 points more
  • Zupersale Thanks man my side i help u more
  • sanwan not come
  • sanwan ok
  • Zupersale 50dhs u will get if before u not yet use
  • Zupersale ok try comebk as promo code
  • Zupersale Thats ramadan gift
  • sanwan now I need more 40 point then I have point for LG mobile
  • sanwan no I wanna say thanks 😃
  • Zupersale Now u get money then start questioning me
  • sanwan how you know,,,about this
  • Zupersale Buy bro
  • sanwan thanks bro
  • Zupersale Go to your money click then more see down side promo code then click use this code their "iftar " 28 dhs credit for u
  • sanwan how to use promo code I don't know,,tell me
  • Zupersale Ok say my cost not souq pls use promo code 28 dhs u will get
  • sanwan now I see price on souq
  • Zupersale I cant its cost price 520
  • sanwan please make 430 last
  • Zupersale Last 477 4g 5"3 1.5RAM 16 ROM 13 MP BACK CAM 5MP FRONT
  • sanwan how much last,,and mobile details
  • basalasal memory
  • Aslam Mehmood 420 mate
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