khairs khairs
Posted 537 days ago

IPhone 6s 128 GB Gold color

Hi, I'm selling #IPhone 6s 128 GB Gold color, with Perfect condition ( used for 14 months ).
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Shakir Shiraz Baba iPhone available check my profile
  • Waseem Aziz last
  • Shakir Shiraz Baba iPhone available 6s16gb
  • Asad Butt how much aissam raziki 7 plus
  • aissam raziki I have iPhone 7plus 256 gb Matt black : 0502646780
  • Vipul Panchal still available
  • Vipul Panchal hi
  • sajid muhammed Im ready to buy this for 800
  • Vipul Panchal hey reply
  • shaffu4u is it still available ?
  • Menchie Estialbo How much last price
  • Vipul Panchal hi friend
  • Vipul Panchal where can we meet
  • Vipul Panchal with bill
  • Shakir Shiraz Baba 1450
  • Vipul Panchal i am interested
  • Sa Na Hy
  • Sa Na 1400
  • Parviz Khan hi 1400
  • Raj Soni is u sold allready or availble let me know i wanna buy this
  • Raj Soni make 1200 i buy now
  • RashidMubarakali It's available
  • Amrit Khawas iphone 7 plus rate rashdi
  • Amrit Khawas 1000
  • RashidMubarakali I have PS3
  • Janish Shafeer 1300
  • Janish Shafeer 1400
  • Rashdi Asaa I have dead iPhone 7 plus for sale
  • khairs Yes complete set
  • Janish Shafeer with Box , Charger , Headphone
  • Rashdi Asaa Do you want iPhone 6s for PS4
  • Archie Berido Cash 1000
  • khairs Only cash
  • RashidMubarakali Swap with my black Barry porche design p9981 very less use and look new , along with my black Barry I will give you 650/- dhs. Please advise
  • RashidMubarakali Swap with my black Barry porche
  • khairs I can swap with PS4 if you have it
  • Rashdi Asaa I have iPhone 6s for sale 16gb space grey
  • Rashdi Asaa Swap for Xbox one
  • Archie Berido Interested to pick up deal 1000
  • khairs No nothing in back side
  • shahilali Is there any dent on back side ?
  • khairs Sorry , only selling
  • jhan jacob swap to my sony xperia xa ultra with 200gb original sandisk sd card
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