Blackberry Bold 9700
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Blackberry Bold 9700

Hi, I'm selling # Blackberry Bold 9700
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Macky No problem. I like it how can i say the unit?
  • best way This is mobile used. Only one pcs
  • Macky Location pls
  • Lean Shanty Rola Can u change the pric 150 thank you
  • Lean Shanty Rola Any damage thank you
  • best way Normal charger. Like Samsung charger
  • best way Yes. I give you charger.
  • Lean Shanty Rola Do u have charger
  • best way No any damage this is my use mob don't worry
  • Lean Shanty Rola Any damage
  • best way Ok for you
  • Lean Shanty Rola How bout 150
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165 AED, delivery included