Amid Amid
Posted 563 days ago

Ccit Andriod 6.0 3gb Ram 32gb Rom Quad Core. Brand New Gold Color For Sale

Hi, I'm selling #Ccit Andriod 6.0 3gb Ram 32gb Rom Quad Core. Brand New Gold Color For Sale
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Amid stop it please I am sick of your comments on this product stop it and let's wait for melltoo
  • Amid sure you should have fair proofs and take it to melltoo I would recommend you to come to melltoo office
  • Amid so report me to melltoo if you know it?
  • Amid brother so just wait why are you arguing let melltoo decide it why are you commenting time and again I will prove it why this price is fair and you will proof the double price of my product. just relax and wait.
  • Amid OK so you will proof it how I charge 200% that's it.
  • Amid what I said bad about melltoo? my each and every record is there with them. I reported you in a fair way. you should avoid arguing. and wait for what they speak rather than passing your own judgements
  • Amid reporting is not threading it is the fair way to deal with people like you. I have observed you passing wrong comments by saying 200% price just to annoy every one. please wait and do not disturb any more
  • Amid wait I have informed melltoo to deal with this matter and if the allegations you put on just to annoy others you should be answerable than thank you please don't comment more unless melltoo deal with your complain
  • Amid tell me what is the real price of this product brand new? justify your unfair 200% price complain please.
  • Amid wait will report you to melltoo
  • Amid you just keep away on all my product u pass useless comments go and search items of your choice
  • Amid up
  • Amid up
  • Amid this is not about cheating 10% is deducted by melltoo and 20 dirham is deducted as delivery this is brand new with perfect price donot teach me i am not a cheater i know how to trade perfectly please avoid commenting
  • Sami Ullah Amid this is not ur minoply. Ppls dont know the orignal prices so dont cheat them!!!
  • Amid so you should buy it from market this is my price and i want to sell it on this price
  • Sami Ullah Its price in the market is 249aed
  • Aslam Mehmood ok nvm.
  • Amid you can purchase from there no it is not for 250 sorry
  • Aslam Mehmood 250 no ? its around 2.3.0. 1 year warranty too online
  • Amid no dear it still has one complete year warrenty
  • Muhammad Saim 200
  • Aslam Mehmood 250
  • Amid color gold ulta slim dual cam
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