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Posted 553 days ago

Huawei Y6 II ,, 11months Axiom.warranty

Hi, I'm selling #Huawei Y6 II ,, 11months Axiom.warranty
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Adat0828 everyone jus wait ,,I uploaded the mobile pics (iPhone which he wants to sell )
  • Harjeev Dear all if u have any dout about product before buy inform to admin center in melltoo we will hold the payment until unless u not satisfied with the product . Only applicable in gold, elec and phone. After return the product to seller u will get the refund.
  • Sumit CV @amid you are right , but I already though. I don't want cheap phone.
  • Adat0828 go ahead bro
  • Amid sumit it is very easy if he promised for org phone and sent you china one just report him to the police but the case should have valid reason based on the agreement and comments you can also report it to melltoo or you can return the item withen specific time fram
  • Adat0828 oh really then u have a full rite to accept it . u have 3days u can returned it back I.f its china then why u accepted ..dear.. dont play here .
  • Sumit CV Really fack seller
  • Sumit CV but last time you send me Chinese phone.
  • Adat0828 hahah,, nyc try but It doesn't work ,I have a valid proof against u .
  • Sumit CV don't buy this item, this is fack seller
  • Adat0828 sry
  • Amid let me know if u make it 500
  • Adat0828 if u wnt I ll change
  • Adat0828 540 last
  • Amid 550 is brand new your is one month used make it 500 and i will buy it
  • rm 70191 600 last bro
  • Adat0828 ur offer
  • Amid reduce the price i will buy it
  • Amid 550 is brand new
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