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Posted 526 days ago

Original iPhone 4s Never Damaged, No Problems, Never Open, Good Price Discounted

Hi, I'm selling #Original iPhone 4s Never Damaged, No Problems, Never Open, Good Price Discounted
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • znj Ok 380 deal
  • Waheed32 you know it is not in vogue
  • znj Make little more so we agree to one point
  • Waheed32 360,if you agree
  • znj 400 ok
  • Waheed32 360
  • Uzbegim dubai marina Uzbegim dubai marina 350
  • Ssrijasanthos No it's used and has little scratches or dents
  • znj Don't try awok, I had very very bad experience there not once but more then 4 times, they sell used stuff which are remade
  • Mazim aswin is it ioen or repair ? must be some issue. 150 is very less ngl.
  • Mazim awok one is refurb guys
  • aswin One of my friends are selling IPhone 4s for 150/- please dm if u want
  • Shazul Ashraf 😂
  • Faraz737 Better buy from awok.com 299 with one month warranty also even crazy deal also small price but only melltoo very expensive cos very very original mobile hahahaha
  • Shazul Ashraf go in awoke and crazy deals u will get bro
  • znj If you find two for 500 also let me know I will buy
  • shajuballoor shaju how Much GB?
  • shajuballoor shaju it 2 iPhone 4S Thn I Would hv bought this for 450
  • znj 450 last
  • Faraz737 230
  • aswin 215
  • shajuballoor shaju 200~ ?
  • znj Oh I wish hahaha
  • Mazim nah i guess you're high bro 😂
  • znj Ya I guess it's high lol
  • aswin 150 I will buy now
  • naeemfatiwala 😁😁😂😂
  • Ferdinand Are you drunk? 800?
  • shajuballoor shaju 2 hours ago
  • Mazim fr ? 😂😂😂
  • Mark Jet_Manalaysay how old is this post??
  • shajuballoor shaju i'll give u my iPhone 5S 32gb For This Price
  • shajuballoor shaju not 2 more
  • Shazul Ashraf bro u can buy 2 iPhone 4s for this price
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300 AED, delivery included