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Posted 520 days ago

Selling Apple Smart Watch 38MM With Box And Accessories

Hi, I'm selling #Selling Apple Smart Watch 38MM With Box And Accessories
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • wacym Elisaa, price is same..
  • JewelLuckycharm last price plss
  • wacym Rohan, i wish you HBD, but i'm sorry this time..
  • wacym Janish, rate is final..
  • Janish Shafeer 670?
  • Rohan Rajesh reply
  • Rohan Rajesh me*
  • Rohan Rajesh my parents will buy this as a gift for mr
  • Rohan Rajesh please today is my birthday
  • wacym Rohan, price is fixed
  • Rohan Rajesh make it 600 pls
  • wacym Asif, i'm not keen selling for less, i would highly recommend to purchase from carrfore
  • Asif reduce 200 aed brother. will buy it now.. cheers...
  • wacym Asif, good .. you can purchase it from there . Even if i reduce 200 for u, it will be still expensive for u.. 🌵
  • Asif you get it for 799 aed brand new in careforre with 1 year warranty. reduce the price
  • wacym Harjeev.. series 1
  • wacym Aldo, i don't share contact details , if interested you can PM me
  • Harjeev Hi is it series 1 or 2
  • Morrad @aldo why you need phone , chat directly
  • AldoJackson I want to buy it can I have ur phone number
  • wacym Aldo, watch is not under warranty
  • AldoJackson U have the warranty paper with u
  • AldoJackson Ok
  • wacym Aldojackson-less thn a yr
  • wacym Janish? You can buy from there
  • AldoJackson How old is it
  • Janish Shafeer 928 for new in Apple Store Reduce The Price
  • wacym No thanks
  • Harjeev I can pay 600
  • wacym 699.. for u, it is not under warranty
  • Harjeev What is the best price , have warranty
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700 AED, delivery included