Sonu_Gurnani Sonu_Gurnani
Posted 489 days ago

Samsung Galaxy S8 clone

RAMADAN KAREEM Samsung Galaxy S8 clone Brand New with full Box & accessories. same like original. unbelievable price
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Ayan Khan 😂😂
  • Sonu_Gurnani bloody idiot stupid fake guy with fake mobile
  • Sonu_Gurnani hey guys akhil sabu has block me on WhatsApp because he can't answer me
  • Sonu_Gurnani fake guy akhil.sabu fake mobile
  • Sonu_Gurnani hey guys I had message to akhil sabu but he is not sending me video not giving me even one reply
  • AkHil SaBu +918089183384
  • Sonu_Gurnani see everyone fake guy AKHIL SABU also fake his mobile
  • Sonu_Gurnani akhil sabu send me your number
  • sanwan good both people send video
  • AkHil SaBu okk I will take a video of factory resetting and send to you
  • Sonu_Gurnani its my challenge if my mobile & your mobile is same thn I will give you free this mobile
  • AkHil SaBu I Will try now
  • Sonu_Gurnani but my mobile before & after factory reset everything will be same as it is
  • AkHil SaBu sorry dear your phone also just write made in Vietnam
  • Sonu_Gurnani if you will do factory reset your mobile thn Samsung boot logo will go
  • Sonu_Gurnani on your mobile just written Vietnam but really its made in china
  • AkHil SaBu if you want I will send you pictures
  • AkHil SaBu my mobile also made in vietnam
  • Sonu_Gurnani my Mobile is not like you Mr.akhil your mobile is China made my mobile is Vietnam made
  • Sonu_Gurnani your mobile is China made last quality
  • AkHil SaBu the price is last 500
  • AkHil SaBu if anyone need I will give you
  • AkHil SaBu I have this Phone
  • AkHil SaBu this phone camera is not good
  • Sonu_Gurnani its a Vietnam made clone same like original
  • Sonu_Gurnani yes but not a China copy
  • sanwan it's copy???
  • Sonu_Gurnani in Meltoo last 600
  • Sonu_Gurnani message me on WhatsApp +971561499603
  • Sonu_Gurnani 500 oK but out of Meltoo
  • Arif Amri 500 ok
  • Sonu_Gurnani just message me on WhatsApp +971561499603
  • Sonu_Gurnani no warranty
  • musthafamishal one year warantee
  • musthafamishal how much last price
  • Sonu_Gurnani +971561499603
  • Abdollah Ahmad gove me u number
  • Abdollah Ahmad how much last and i will give u galaxy s6
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