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Posted 488 days ago

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Verizon

Hi, I'm selling #Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Verizon ,100% original from USA.i used as a second mobile.very very minor scratch,it can't be seen easily. 32gb storage and 3gb ram.without accessories,Only phone, but I can provide earphone and USB cable from other phone.price negotiable.
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  • zayar Thanks, if you found any problem with the phone , return me any time, even 6month , I don't mind. This is from my side I give warranty. Thanks you so much brother Amid
  • Amid tun its OK I will accept it
  • zayar Any verison phone check it, can you see made in USA? Never
  • zayar My friend can you show me made in USA. Even iPhone made in China, my friend amid , if you don't like it, you can return anytime.
  • Amid it is not usa made it is made by vitnam
  • zayar Fine I don't mind
  • zayar I put it back the sticker, but it nothing effected to the phone bro
  • zayar Model number sticker was remove because of my son playing
  • zayar And inside the phone please check it the same.
  • zayar There is imei number on the sticker and
  • Amid will return
  • zayar I am not selling any single duplicate phone
  • Amid dear i have worked for three years in mobiles
  • zayar If you don't like it , anytime you can return
  • zayar Bro , this is not Chinese phone. If you don't know go and ask to shop , they will say original or clone
  • zayar Please come to chat room
  • Amid why have the the model number removed inside the phone?please explain otherwise i will return the phone
  • Amid is this a chines phone
  • zayar Until now nobody pickup the phone
  • Amid you are welcome
  • zayar Thanks for buying my items,bro
  • zayar Ok I already changed
  • zayar Ok I will do it now
  • Amid on the right top corner u will find : like this one option of three dots click on it and u will find option of edit see inside edit you will find price change change it or if you cannot find it still you can repost this product and give me message on 0523123425 i will buy it
  • zayar Where to change price?
  • zayar Yes I will give earphone and only USB cable ,
  • zayar How to change the price? I can't see any button to change
  • Amid you will provide earphone and cable from other phone as you have mentioned
  • Amid haha ok change it now
  • zayar Ok final ,730
  • Amid i am waiting atleast do it this much
  • Amid sorry brother i know but i dont have budget last if u can make 720 i will pay you yalla ramdan kareem change the price to 720
  • zayar If u found any problem, can return immediately
  • zayar The phone has no any problem 100% working fine.battery also 100% good.
  • Amid i know but 700 is still i am giving you good offer
  • zayar I will get only 630, I have to give commission and shipping fee
  • zayar 750 last
  • Amid make it 700 i will buy itnow
  • zayar 760 I will give because I have to give commission and shipping fee
  • Amid how much last?
  • Amid original any warrenty? or refurbeshed?
  • Mazim 630 bro
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730 AED, delivery included