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Posted 606 days ago

iphone 7 Jet Black 128GB Very Good Condition

Hi, I'm selling #iphone 7 Jet Black 128GB Very Good Condition complete
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Shivakumar G interested
  • Raj Shiv Still there my whatsapp num +971565832665
  • Absar Showket last price?,
  • EMO MEDIA including all accessorise
  • EMO MEDIA box pice
  • EMO MEDIA yez
  • Joy Gepila can i buy
  • EMO MEDIA last price plz
  • Mudasar jaan can you call me or text me whatsapp number
  • BSA 1100 cash
  • Mudasar jaan 1500 cash just call me
  • Mudasar jaan can you call me 0567582385 i will buy tomorrow
  • dhanu kasthuri 1200
  • pradeep kumar How many days old your mobile
  • pradeep kumar Hello
  • Aakash Rawat 1650 my no. 0529009709
  • EMO MEDIA 1600 i am intrested
  • ahmed alblooshi Call me please 0554557892
  • ahmed alblooshi I will buy 1650
  • Sara Tarek i have free credit here that's why
  • BSA sara better you buy cash on delivery i give you good price and full check warrenty
  • Sara Tarek please change price i will buy
  • Joanna Rose Casimiro 1500
  • Sara Tarek okay thank you! please change price i shall buy :)
  • Morrad BSA is top reseller in melltoo :)
  • Sara Tarek okay change price. i only want to check imei number easier for me
  • BSA sara why you not take cash on dilavery you can check full no any single problem also i give less price
  • Sara Tarek please click *#06# and give me imei number
  • Sara Tarek okay change please
  • BSA 1750 for you sara
  • Sara Tarek okay on melltoo how much last?
  • BSA 1600 i give you but cash to cash no melthoo
  • Sara Tarek last price
  • Sara Tarek please give me imei number
  • Yazan Raed wanna exchange on s8 plus 64 gb talk on whats app 0561122099
  • anil ansary you have exchange facility mobile to mobile
  • Otik Dior Ur iPhone 5s 32gb can we exchange with j7 ?
  • BSA nisha i have. iphone 5s. 32GB. VERY GOOD. NEW YOU LIKE
  • jassem1 Can you give Mobil number? Or you can whatsapp me 0555667499
  • jassem1 Warranty?
  • Nisha Last price
  • BSA ok no problem
  • real Deal How much last. 2200make
  • BSA yes with box
  • real Deal Bro. With box
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1850 AED, delivery included