IXO Power Bank 20,800mah
Kashif Afridi Kashif Afridi

IXO Power Bank 20,800mah

Hi, I'm selling #IXO Power Bank 20,800mah
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Shakir Shiraz 40 is ok with this gifted item
  • Kashif Afridi yes
  • Qais_Taherian is it guaranteed that this power bank will charge 5 time ( iPhone 6 plus ) ?
  • Kashif Afridi everyone.. 60 is last price, and last is last, dont bother please on price negotiations
  • Kashif Afridi thats last price brother
  • Shakir Hussain I want 2 of them ... how much !!! last price please
  • Qais_Taherian its with guarantee 5 times will charge iPhone 6 plus ?
  • Kashif Afridi 5 times
  • Qais_Taherian how many times this will charge iPhone 6 plus ?
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60 AED, delivery included