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Posted 498 days ago

Blackberry Torch (Works Perfect)

Hi, I'm selling #Blackberry Torch (Works Perfect)
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • khairi87 no
  • Vipul Panchal no full credit
  • khairi87 just buy it and u will have to pay half cash half credit
  • Vipul Panchal how can i use my credits is there any option
  • khairi87 yes ok buy
  • Vipul Panchal i can buy this with my credits na
  • khairi87 i charge it feom my samsung charger
  • Vipul Panchal no charger also
  • khairi87 no accessories only fone
  • Vipul Panchal 9810 model
  • Vipul Panchal accessories
  • khairi87 1 year used
  • Vipul Panchal your number please
  • Vipul Panchal old i mean
  • Vipul Panchal how it is
  • khairi87 buy it now then
  • Vipul Panchal 180
  • khairi87 190 done
  • Vipul Panchal 180 final brother
  • khairi87 200 man
  • Vipul Panchal 180
  • khairi87 ok buy
  • Vipul Panchal i will buy
  • khairi87 200 last
  • khairi87 abu shghara
  • Macky Location pls and last price
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