iphone 5s. 32GB.   gold. color. late used
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iphone 5s. 32GB. gold. color. late used

Hi, I'm selling #iphone 5s. 32GB. gold. color. late used. like new no any scratches with new accessories box
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Usman Am selling my iPhone 7 NEW @1800AED Whatsapp me:: +60167569133
  • Usman am selling my iPhone 7 @1800AED Whatsapp :: +60167569133
  • Sa Na I give u 600
  • Sunni Awab give me last price?
  • Sa Na 600 oky
  • ALI 550
  • Sunni Awab new buy 650 last?
  • Sohail Ahmad 550
  • Emeka Isaac I will buy 600
  • Muhammad Adil 500 ok
  • Sa Na I want
  • Karim Handach If u want I can bay it 600 ead
  • Sa Na Hy
  • best way Usman is cheater saler
  • Dinesh Babu rply md in chat box
  • madrazil gubat Usman sent pic my whatup 0553411978
  • Usman iPhone 6s+-1100 AED (Whatsapp::+60167569133)
  • Usman iPhone 6s+-$300 (Whatsapp::+60167569133) 1100 AED
  • madrazil gubat Il take 0553411978
  • Dinesh Babu see the chat box bro
  • Ravi chandran How much last price?
  • basalasal original or refurbished
  • Macky Location pls, i want to see the unit
  • Otik Dior Exchange with j7 ?
  • Omer99 american*
  • Omer99 is it uae or amrican version??
  • Omer99 hi
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690 AED, delivery included