Used Iphone 4s Black  Full Box  in Dubai, UAE
Muhammedabdul Muhammedabdul

Iphone 4s Black Full Box

Hi, I'm selling #Iphone 4s Black new Full Box
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Ravi chandran Ok
  • Muhammedabdul courier picked up today.. you will receive the item within 2 days.. 👍
  • Ravi chandran 0554753520
  • Muhammedabdul sent me your numbet i will call you back.. if i mention my number here i will get somany calls regarding this phone. thats y
  • Muhammedabdul sent me yours
  • Ravi chandran Pls your contact no
  • Muhammedabdul sent me personal message
  • Ravi chandran Still now my order not yet
  • Ravi chandran Please can you give me contact number
  • Ravi chandran Hi how many gb that one ?
  • Muhammedabdul already mentioned its original
  • Ravi chandran That one original or copy plz I need to purchase asap
  • Ravi chandran Also how many days need to delivery?
  • Ravi chandran How much last price?
  • Muhammedabdul no
  • Muhammedabdul original 16gb.. last price
  • mohamed abdul last price?
  • Abel Shrestha GB??
  • Anila orgional?
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477 AED, delivery included