Kashif Afridi Kashif Afridi
Posted 501 days ago

IXO Power Bank 20,800mAh, 5 Units Bundle

Hi, I'm selling #IXO Power Bank 20,800mAh, 5 Units Bundle
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Kashif Afridi haha.. yes i send ur powerbanks already few days ago
  • Sojo Manxe Not yet Delivery...May be Today They will Delivery but Before delivery Already Accept Melltoo Admin..😀😀😀..Very Cleaver and Big Mistek Also..Thanks
  • Sojo Manxe did u send me powerbank courier Alreay.
  • Sojo Manxe I didn't Accept boss...Melltoo Admin Accept..
  • Kashif Afridi but don't worry about anything, i have shipped already ur items.. u will receive it and plus u already dealed with me before.. we are trusted to each others
  • Kashif Afridi i dont know too brother, i received the payment and i thought u received , that's why i said thanks
  • Sojo Manxe How Complete Payment..Very Big Mistek From Melltoo Admin..Powerbank Not yet Received..Alredy Payment is Accepted.
  • Kashif Afridi Okay
  • Sojo Manxe Hello boss, This Powerbank Not yet delivery but How complete payment. This Accept by Melltoo..I didn't Accepted. I Allready complain Melltoo Costomer Care..After Complate Delivery..I will Rate u 5***** Ok.
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