Steven Jagdon Steven Jagdon
Posted 654 days ago

Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider

Hi, I'm selling #Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider good as brand new
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Steven Jagdon Make it 230aed ill give it to you its brand new sir
  • Mohammed Jaber Last price?
  • Steven Jagdon No it cant be, fix 200 if needs shipping
  • naqash sheikh 170
  • Steven Jagdon We can arrange a shipment, ill make it 200 dirhams with free shipping.
  • naqash sheikh me in al ain bro and i dont have any transport
  • Steven Jagdon 150 for pick up
  • naqash sheikh 150 with delivery in al alin
  • Steven Jagdon Yes in abu dhabi
  • Asim Majeed Awan Abu Dhabi??
  • Steven Jagdon I live in mussaffah
  • Asim Majeed Awan Where do u live?
  • Steven Jagdon Okay deal but i need cash on hand right away, u can take it here at my place.
  • Asim Majeed Awan 150 is my last & final offer. If interested let me know
  • Steven Jagdon 200
  • Asim Majeed Awan 150
  • Steven Jagdon Can be automatic and manual. U can do both
  • Asim Majeed Awan Is it Automatic or Manual?
  • Fadi Qanadilo ok thanks
  • Steven Jagdon It works only on xbox
  • Fadi Qanadilo does it work on PS4 ?
  • Steven Jagdon Thats the last price, i just only used it twice.
  • Asim Majeed Awan Last price?
  • Steven Jagdon No sir it can only be used on xbox one
  • YounessAllami Is it working for laptop ??
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250 AED, delivery included