Waseem Adil Waseem Adil
Posted 470 days ago

LG V10.

Hi, I'm selling #LG V10. New perfect condition only phone
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • mekala I think this a also a refurbished one. that's y no warranty.
  • Waseem Adil read the comments
  • Waseem Adil I have more
  • Muktar when I asked you 580 you didn't sell. why now??? now you ask everyone, but nobody!!!
  • Abel Shrestha make it 500 i will buy
  • Waseem Adil colour available gold black blue pink
  • nasrinliza Sorry broo
  • Waseem Adil 64 gb memory 4 gb ram
  • Waseem Adil 580 final
  • Waseem Adil if any one interested refurbished v10 on Mellto I will give him / her on 580 . New in touch and without accessories and box
  • nasrinliza if agree reduce price
  • nasrinliza Before also I told you 500
  • nasrinliza if 500 I'll buy now
  • Waseem Adil but not available now bcz I sell it today on dubizle
  • Waseem Adil it's original
  • nasrinliza if any one like to buy you can but we can't tell it's duplicat coz he already told it's original.sorry if I'm wrong. if worry about price we can talk
  • 🔴Natasha Collections🔴 Make it 200 i will buy nw
  • Waseem Adil no I think two year old
  • Waseem Adil hhhmm
  • nasrinliza all phn have 1year warranty. I think its use more than 1year that's why no warranty
  • Waseem Adil hhhmm okay I don't want to sell this item bcz it's Already gone
  • 🔴Natasha Collections🔴 Yeah its duplicate. I know
  • Waseem Adil hhhhaa
  • 🔴Natasha Collections🔴 Its Copy right
  • 🔴Natasha Collections🔴 210 pls
  • mekala all original mobiles do come with warranty. if Bill available n no warranty, it's not a original one
  • Abel Shrestha this is refurbished or might be some damages for sure
  • Waseem Adil Bill available but waranty not available
  • Waseem Adil sorry
  • nasrinliza make 500 I'll buy
  • nasrinliza hahaha
  • mekala I don't understand. if Bill is there it should have warranty right. because it's been used for 10 days
  • Waseem Adil and Bill awailable
  • Waseem Adil no waranty
  • Discountsale Bill n warranty
  • Waseem Adil and it's last price
  • Waseem Adil 10 days
  • mekala hello. how long used
  • nasrinliza 500aed
  • Waseem Adil 600
  • mohammed rony Last price??
  • Waseem Adil I think
  • nasrinliza you have bill
  • Waseem Adil 02.07.2017. Time. 9.45 pm
  • Batthsaab Singh when u buy ?
  • Batthsaab Singh when u but ?
  • Waseem Adil H 901
  • Waseem Adil T Mobile
  • Waseem Adil it's original
  • Batthsaab Singh it's original , copy or refurbished
  • Waseem Adil no
  • Batthsaab Singh warranty
  • Waseem Adil no
  • BSA 450
  • Muktar make it 580 plz
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580 AED, delivery included