Mazim Mazim
Posted 488 days ago

Samsung Galaxy S4

Hi, I'm selling #used Samsung Galaxy S4, condition is rough but runs perfectly (2ram,16rom) only box no accessories.custom rom installed. Price is slightly negotiable serious buyers for more images
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Mazim i cancelled now -_-. always first confirm before buying stupid.
  • shahzad anwar What is model no
  • Mazim u need a good cable and charger tho otherwise battery will be an issue. i use good one so no problems for me..
  • Mazim no problem. just the sides are damaged and back cover too. which can be changed. other then that all is ok.
  • shahzad anwar sir is there any problems with phone ?
  • Mazim i will post again now
  • Mazim if the buyer doesn't contact by evening i will post the add again :)
  • Mazim maybe he will return. i want his number. so i can show him more pictures
  • Mazim there is only space gor 3 items how will i put all images M
  • Waseem Adil so I have to mention it on before. someone's buy your items
  • Mazim u didn't even chat with me. i wanna show more images. maybe u will return. pls come in chat
  • Mazim why did u buy dipesh ?
  • Mazim 300 last bro.
  • Waseem Adil 220
  • Mazim around 4 hts heavy usage it's good
  • Asif Baloch battery timing?
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