Used Blackberry Priv Now With Box  in Dubai, UAE
Nasoory Alamiri Nasoory Alamiri

Blackberry Priv Now With Box

Hi, I'm selling #Blackberry Priv Now With Box
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Sajan Sharon my mistake :)
  • Sajan Sharon :) sry mate got confused
  • Safwan Mani m a buyer, not seller. how do I update price ?
  • Sajan Sharon safwan. please update the price here
  • Sajan Sharon whatsapp me on 0558542572
  • Sajan Sharon hi can you ping on my whatsapp
  • Safwan Mani 500
  • Sajan Sharon ??
  • Sajan Sharon 500 fixed?
  • Mastanmahi Mastanamahi last how much u want
  • Mohammad Rasheed last price??
  • Samee Ravee hello
  • Samee Ravee 700 ok
  • Samee Ravee 500
  • NeilSimpelo 0521176808
  • NeilSimpelo Where
  • NeilSimpelo Ok 600
  • RewanMH 600?
  • NeilSimpelo Still available?
  • Messous Ayoub 600 aed ok?
  • Messous Ayoub 600 aed ok?
  • MaverickDiwa Exchange to my 5c + money
  • MaverickDiwa Excited to my 5c+money 0555392318
  • Hassan mushtaq tell me ur last price i will buy ??
  • NeilSimpelo Whats the last price?
  • jio It has warranty? Can you give your mobile number
  • jio How many months warranty available?
  • jio It has warranty?
  • Batthsaab Singh Bro do u wanna Exchange with Nokia 3 ??
  • Nasoory Alamiri Yss
  • Vipul Panchal in good working condition
  • MaverickDiwa Ok thanks
  • Nasoory Alamiri How much do you need?
  • Nasoory Alamiri If u want I will give u good price
  • Nasoory Alamiri Only for sell
  • Nasoory Alamiri No bro
  • MaverickDiwa Do you want change with my iPhone 5c 16gb
  • Nasoory Alamiri Yas
  • MaverickDiwa Bro
  • Nasoory Alamiri If u need see the phone came in my location
  • Nasoory Alamiri No sorry
  • Sheikhshoaib no i want through mellto
  • Nasoory Alamiri But if u want came direct not in melltoo
  • Nasoory Alamiri Ok 700 I will give
  • Nasoory Alamiri My phone
  • Nasoory Alamiri Do u want sell
  • Nasoory Alamiri Ok go takes
  • Sheikhshoaib new is 900
  • Sheikhshoaib 700
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850 AED, delivery included