Posted 472 days ago

Offer Price Samsung Galaxy S8

Hi, I'm selling #Offer Price Samsung Galaxy S8
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • SRIROHIT yes this is vietnam made master copy..
  • Mazim yeah i didn't think straight.
  • Armin Alibasic sorry about that. But really, asking is this phone original is too much :D
  • Mazim ok armin. but don't be a jerk !!!
  • Mazim ok armin. but don't be a jerk !!!
  • Armin Alibasic guys who will give you for 750 original s8 think a little bit with that head. And you can see from the picture it is pure copy. And yes, I agree seller should note.that it is copy!!!
  • Mazim orignal or clone ?
  • Shazul Ashraf its orginal or clone
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740 AED, delivery included