Hisham Haroun Hisham Haroun
Posted 473 days ago

Honor 8 Lite Good Condition Same Like New

Hi, I'm selling #Honor 8 Lite Good Condition Same Like New
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Muktar they have rules
  • Hisham Haroun They will pay first right?
  • Muktar thanks
  • Muktar they will pay you and take from you
  • Muktar they will contact you
  • Muktar from melltoo
  • Hisham Haroun Ok how i will contact with u
  • Muktar I am waiting
  • Muktar make it now I'll buy
  • Hisham Haroun Yes box and headphone and charger with 12 warrenty
  • Muktar than make it 650 I'll buy now
  • Muktar it has complete box and warranty card??
  • Hisham Haroun 650
  • Hisham Haroun Its good price my frind ok 550
  • Muktar just 20
  • Muktar brother give some discount..
  • Hisham Haroun 660 last
  • Muktar bcoz I want it
  • Muktar what do you think?? I'll give 640
  • Hisham Haroun Its in good condition no scrartch as like new
  • Muktar it has no problems right??
  • Muktar 630
  • Hisham Haroun How much u want
  • Muktar I know, but you now market price??
  • Muktar not brand new
  • Hisham Haroun 2 monthes it was a gift
  • Muktar its used
  • Hisham Haroun 680 last
  • Muktar 630
  • Hisham Haroun 700 last
  • Muktar ok, how about last price?
  • Hisham Haroun I think 8 monthes
  • Muktar how long??
  • Hisham Haroun Yes
  • Muktar do you have warranty??
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650 AED, delivery included