Ahmed Bodor Ahmed Bodor
Posted 439 days ago

Lenovo C2 With Warranty......

Hi, I'm selling #Lenovo C2 With Warranty......
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Ahmed Bodor ok
  • Seena Noushad it didnt cancell for me. my credit is gone. please ship it.
  • Ahmed Bodor yr order ok already booked #seena Noushad
  • Seena Noushad i didnt cancel. it showing sold
  • Ahmed Bodor u can buy again
  • basalasal assalam alikum bro y u cancel my order
  • Ahmed Bodor .
  • Newilyas its 2gb ram n 16 GB memory 4g lte
  • Newilyas whatsapp me img
  • Newilyas 052-476-9234
  • Ahmed Bodor yes it's c2
  • Newilyas can u send me phone IMG on what's app
  • Newilyas its brand new original
  • Newilyas can I get a purchase slip also
  • Ahmed Bodor 1year
  • Newilyas how many month's warranty
  • Ahmed Bodor 🔝
  • Ahmed Bodor up
  • Ahmed Bodor 1 gb
  • Zach Efy how much is the ram ?
  • Nad11 Os version?
  • Nad11 Is this sealed
  • Ahmed Bodor Yes chat with me@nad
  • Nad11 Hi is it new with box
  • ali amjad 300
  • ibtisam... 275
  • Ahmed Bodor up
  • Ahmed Bodor 😂
  • Ahmed Munir 250
  • Ahmed Bodor seal pack
  • Ahmed Bodor .
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364 AED, delivery included