Sameer Zaveri Sameer Zaveri
Posted 462 days ago

Samsung Sm T311

Hi, I'm selling #Samsung Sm T311
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Rushil_Prince okay sir. thanks.
  • Sameer Zaveri Model is mentioned sm t311 and yes price is last
  • Rushil_Prince specs also. model no. atleast
  • Rushil_Prince i will buy if 350
  • Rushil_Prince pls
  • Rushil_Prince last
  • Kunju Fredy last price 350
  • Sameer Zaveri Sm t311
  • Sameer Zaveri Used
  • Rushil Is this available new or second hand? specs
  • Sameer Zaveri Direct buy 470 final price but through meltoo final price 540
  • Umair i know. ok 350 final
  • Sameer Zaveri I mean you can use sim card and wifi
  • Sameer Zaveri This is with sim
  • Umair 300
  • Umair 300
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