LG G4 32Gb Black Colour NEW
Shazul Ashraf Shazul Ashraf

LG G4 32Gb Black Colour NEW

Hi, I'm selling #LG G4 32Gb Black Colour NEW just opened the sealed pack to check and had stick screen protector too new not used
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Shakir Shiraz Configuration
  • Shazul Ashraf I can give u 700 datz the last bro upto u if u want to buy or no
  • Shazul Ashraf sorry bro datz the final price
  • shahadat ok I will bye if 550/-
  • shahadat its market price is 800/-AED how much you increase
  • Shazul Ashraf iam getting without warranty bro if u want warranty the price will go high
  • shahadat but why not abilable warranty
  • Shazul Ashraf just open to check bcz here in meltoo there is rules and regulations thats all
  • Shazul Ashraf yes bro its Orginal only i have sold here in Meltoo
  • shahadat no warranty but new.....it is Original?
  • Shazul Ashraf no but its new just got it a hour ago
  • shahadat it has warranty?
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705 AED, delivery included