Katie Simpsons Katie Simpsons
Posted 438 days ago

iPhone SE Silver 16GB!!!!!!

Hi, I'm selling #iPhone SE Silver 16GB!!!!!!
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Louie Jane Lazaro Hi I have IPHone 4 8gb and 32gb Used but not abused, only mobile. Buyers can contact me on whats app for faster transaction/response. Call take note: Warranty of the phone is the same day u purchased. Thankyou
  • Mohammed Abrar but it's not working properly
  • Mohammed Abrar This is original
  • Rushil Thanks!
  • Morrad Ok just report it and it will be deleted
  • ahrabella tamayo Please stop liking this item.dont even try to buy it,it's a fraud.Fake,Fakeeeeeee
  • John Lama Ohh... I. C
  • Rushil Jesus Christ how do I make you people understand that this is a fake post.?
  • John Lama Hello I want to buy
  • Rushil O M G I T Is Fakeeeee!☠☠☠☠
  • Rushil O M G I T Is Fakeeeee!
  • sahitya c Last price?
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  • sahitya c Real?
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  • akhil sajimathew Is it original
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  • Altaf Hussain give me
  • siwiss fullevend 05674,35508
  • Junaid Mughal give me your number
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  • Junaid Mughal hi
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  • Nirmal Kumar hhmm
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  • Noman Khan which is model
  • Noman Khan which is model
  • Zaria Manguda this second hand or new?
  • anif mmd is there any problem in this mobile
  • John Johnson WhatsApp 0508535369
  • John Johnson i want it
  • John Johnson i want it
  • Johnson Dcruz can u plz tell any problms
  • Johnson Dcruz I need dis
  • Johnson Dcruz 150
  • markshawn18 how much?
  • جنة سوليفين no response at all😒😒😒😒😒
  • جنة سوليفين does the cost is 110 aed?????????
  • Prince Ali 0569334206
  • Prince Ali 0569334206
  • Al amudi Mohammed it's orginal & how much last price?
  • Prince Ali zulfiqar
  • Pvvineeth043 Hihi
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  • Filjhon Oledan How much
  • Zach Efy she lives in England lol
  • Imtiaz Ali Buy it now not working
  • Imtiaz Ali some one bye this one that's way
  • Ahmedkhaled hellllllllo i want to buy this now okay
  • Aayan Ranjana ur post not in right place so
  • Neferet Something wrong with the buy button
  • Ahmedkhaled cant buy why ?
  • Aayan Ranjana unable to buy
  • Jitgu Jithu Sorry
  • Jitgu Jithu Sorrg
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  • Ahmedkhaled make a new deal
  • Ahmedkhaled orginal ?
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  • Jitgu Jithu This is original or copy
  • Imtiaz Ali i want this can you sms me on my what's app 0971551272805
  • Janish Shafeer original?
  • naeemfatiwala is there any fault
  • Mohan Dhakal Your buy bottom is not clicking that’s a problem...!
  • Zach Efy why ?
  • Zach Efy can't buy ?
  • Cheryl refurbished?
  • Oscar Paul ist original
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