parwani4321 parwani4321
Posted 436 days ago

iphone 6 16 gb in perfect condition

Hi, I'm selling #iphone 6 16 gb in perfect condition used phone
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Px Hello ????
  • Px ????
  • Px Hi there, did the courier collect it from you yet?
  • Px Here on melltoo just msg me here
  • vijay321 how to contact u
  • Px Once i get it and you recieve the money will guide you or you can the customer service here also
  • Px You can transfer it to your bank account, anothe option you cab withdraw it from western union and the most easiest one I would say is, you can just send money from here to your mobile number and withdraw it from any atm without any bank account num
  • vijay321 ok
  • Px There are options given
  • vijay321 how to withdraw?
  • Px They will transfer credits to your account and then you can withdraw it
  • vijay321 yes
  • Px You will get money on melltoo account once I recieve it
  • Px What do you mean? You are new to melltoo?
  • vijay321 how could i get money i dont know
  • Px Ok
  • vijay321 i have changed it
  • Px Ya change it
  • vijay321 950 final
  • Px Okay. Change the price so I can buy
  • vijay321 nothing
  • Px And the phone itself has no flaws? No scratch nothing??
  • vijay321 yes
  • Px The charger is working fine?
  • vijay321 no buddy i bought it soo costly last 950
  • Px 900 please I have free credits so I can buy it now
  • vijay321 last 950 i can say
  • Px Then you shd make 900 because it doesn't have a box and headset
  • vijay321 charger only
  • Px It has a box, charger and headphones?
  • Px 900 I'll buy now
  • vijay321 its last in perfect condition
  • Px Last price pls?
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950 AED, delivery included