Shanukamaludheen Shanukamaludheen
Posted 557 days ago

Iphone 6/6S/7 Protection Case, Good Quality, Only 2 Cases For 120 Dhs, Choose Your Favorite Color Before The Purchase.

Hi, I'm selling #2 Cases For 120..iphone 6/6S/7 Protection Case, Good Quality, ,Choose Your Favorite Colors..
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • TOP 10 Hi ...still available. ..?
  • Paolo Manaois i need black color. how much?
  • Shafreen_VP I i want like this yellow for iphome 7 plz reply if i have or post a advertisement i will buy
  • Prajeesh_Prakash Prajeesh_Prakash Ok bro 👍👍
  • Shanukamaludheen Thanks bro.. please let me know if you’re interested :)
  • Prajeesh_Prakash Prajeesh_Prakash Oh thats nice .. :-)
  • Shanukamaludheen @prajeesh.. yes bro it’s available..please check my melltoo profile.
  • Shanukamaludheen 75 for one piece
  • Prajeesh_Prakash Prajeesh_Prakash Do you have cases for 7 plus..?
  • how much will it be if I buy only one?
  • Shanukamaludheen Yeah it’s available
  • do u have in black for iPhone 6?
  • Shanukamaludheen Buy two pieces can avoid extra Courier charges
  • can I buy one piece only or is it mandatory to buy two?
  • Star💫Shopee White piece one only
  • Star💫Shopee White colour bro my Melltoo was not working
  • Star💫Shopee I need one piece
  • Morrad Nice
  • Shanukamaludheen Yeah, it's a premium quality product
  • Mohammed Shafiq Any two Colours we can select.. wat abt quality
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