mohammed mohammed
Posted 460 days ago

IPhone 5s 16GB

Hi, I'm selling #IPhone 5s 16GB # Good condition only phone fixed price
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Rishin Muhammed 👍
  • mohammed No worries sir its my pleasure to inform u....😊😁
  • Rishin Muhammed Ok then sorry...👍
  • mohammed sir u r wasting ur time here by the way this is not market this is melltoo, here seller has to pay commission also Currier change to melltoo, buyer has benefit to get to get 50% discount from melltoo credit...
  • Rishin Muhammed If you want then I can give you tomorrow itself. I have. Now the market for I phone 6 and below is cheap
  • mohammed thank you for ur offer but it's not
  • Rishin Muhammed I phone 5s 32 gb I will give for just 600
  • Mohammed Hashim 4g support
  • Mohammed Hashim how old
  • mohammed personal message me
  • silent khan last how much
  • silent khan hhahahhaha
  • mohammed Sorry sir 650 is final
  • mohammed Serious buyers only
  • Nazeeb An so it's not original
  • mohammed this phone is not for ur class
  • Nazeeb An 500
  • Hardeep Panju 400
  • M ADIL 450
  • mohammed 650
  • Hardeep Panju 400
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600 AED, delivery included