mohammed mohammed
Posted 555 days ago

IPhone5s 32GB Gold

Hi, I'm selling #IPhone5s 32GB with charger # phone is super condition with out any issue but display is new fixed price not negotiable
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Umair 450
  • Srikanth .ajendra 400
  • Usman sarwar What can be the last bro?
  • Muhammad Shakir 550
  • Muhammad Shakir ????
  • EIRAM 500
  • Muhammad Shakir 550
  • Samee Ravee ok
  • mohammed no
  • Samee Ravee what pm me tell you give 500 my last price I will give now ok
  • Samee Ravee what
  • mohammed pm me
  • Samee Ravee 500
  • muhammad azeem Muhammad 630 I will buy now
  • muhammad azeem 600
  • Dan Gonzales 620
  • mohammed 650 last price
  • Tulsi Adhikari how much that iphone
  • Marianne Bugayong 599 😅😜
  • mohammed @ Sa Na I already offer of 650, so my final for u is 650..
  • Sa Na 600
  • Ayans Shan Mohammed give me 650 plz
  • Aaromal Suresh make the price 450 dhs on melltoo then I will buy
  • mohammed Hi Ayans personal message me
  • Ayans Shan I will buy now r u der..?
  • Ayans Shan 650...?
  • Vipul Panchal you have other iphones
  • mohammed personal message me
  • Vipul Panchal where do you stay
  • mohammed not noticeable
  • mohammed sharp and clean display
  • mohammed everything is original only display is changed same as original
  • mohammed similar to original
  • Vipul Panchal i want to buy this phone but just clear my doubt that is this phone a original 1 & its parts are also original..
  • Vipul Panchal 1st quality display means a copy of original display..
  • Vipul Panchal i gave you 140 credits use it..
  • Vipul Panchal SAHLME50
  • Vipul Panchal Comebk50
  • Vipul Panchal Thanku20
  • Vipul Panchal Signup20
  • Vipul Panchal take free credit points
  • mohammed first quality display
  • Vipul Panchal you have bill for this mobile..
  • Vipul Panchal sir dont get me wrong i just wanted to ask you that the 1 you fixed is not a duplicate display na..
  • mohammed u use it to Buy this phone
  • Vipul Panchal sir i will give you 140 free credit points..
  • mohammed original is only available with apple it's a good quality display
  • Vipul Panchal display you fixed now is original..
  • Vipul Panchal you fixed a original 1 in the phone then..
  • mohammed not broken brightness issue
  • Vipul Panchal you have changed the display.. The original was broken..
  • mohammed headphones and charger is available
  • mohammed display is new
  • Vipul Panchal replacement of new parts as compared to new 1
  • Vipul Panchal any changes done with this phone..
  • mohammed no problem working good
  • Vipul Panchal any problem in phone
  • mohammed 650
  • Vipul Panchal still available.. If yes last price..
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705 AED, delivery included