Daletrige👜💁🏻👝👛 Daletrige👜💁🏻👝👛
Posted 462 days ago

Blackberry Passport Brand New Phone Never Used.

Hi, I'm selling #Blackberry Passport Brand New Phone Never Used.
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Daletrige👜💁🏻👝👛 Love Sold sorry
  • Hameed.do hi this available any other same
  • shahadat where sent to you message
  • Daletrige👜💁🏻👝👛 Love Pls send me message?
  • Vipul Panchal when did you buy this
  • Vipul Panchal 1 year warranty
  • shahadat are you agree my price
  • Daletrige👜💁🏻👝👛 Love Yes 1 yr warranty
  • shahadat 500/-
  • shahadat it has warranty?
  • Hellen Ok
  • Daletrige👜💁🏻👝👛 Love Yes
  • Hellen Is this original
  • suman ahamed 300 ok?
  • Al Noor Please whatsapp/ +971556923223
  • Sheikhshoaib 400
  • Mush I will give 200 cash and buy direct
  • Daletrige👜💁🏻👝👛 Love Pls send me a message
  • Vipul Panchal i will give you 140 free credits last price
  • Daletrige👜💁🏻👝👛 Love Pls if you have some inquiry pm me thanks
  • Daletrige👜💁🏻👝👛 Love Never use
  • Daletrige👜💁🏻👝👛 Love It's a new phone 🙂
  • Vipul Panchal new phone price is 599
  • Vipul Panchal last price
  • Daletrige👜💁🏻👝👛 Love Yes
  • Vipul Panchal hi
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533 AED, delivery included