Nadeem Shahid Nadeem Shahid
Posted 429 days ago

New 26" landrover Folding Bike 🚴

Hi, I'm selling #New 26" landrover Folding Bike 🚴 (Available in black color)
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Nadeem Shahid Ok I will repost with 420
  • Vipul Panchal no still
  • Vipul Panchal no
  • Nadeem Shahid Has it started working vipul happening
  • Vipul Panchal now happening
  • Nadeem Shahid Hummer and landrover both are same only difference is landrover is dual suspension and hummer is only front suspension
  • Vipul Panchal number please
  • Nadeem Shahid 0569947705
  • Nadeem Shahid I have that too
  • Vipul Panchal last price
  • Vipul Panchal give me your number
  • Vipul Panchal & what about hummer.. gears
  • Vipul Panchal for this land rover na
  • Nadeem Shahid Front 3 and back 7 gears
  • Vipul Panchal how many gears this 1
  • Nadeem Shahid No it's still available
  • Vipul Panchal bye
  • Vipul Panchal sold ok
  • Vipul Panchal hi
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