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Posted 455 days ago

Lenovo P1m Used With All Acessories And Box

Hi, I'm selling #Lenovo P1m Used With All Acessories And Box
Delivery included, money back garantee
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  • Aslam Mehmood astaghfirullah !
  • ibtisam... so buy from dubizze y r u telling me about others... if u r getting cheap get it
  • Aslam Mehmood ok Dubizzle it's 275 how can u sell at this price ? Haram !
  • Aslam Mehmood 300
  • shahadat its market price 370/- and 1 year warranty .....how you want this price ....even I use this phone
  • ibtisam... but its in good condition.. no scratches or issue
  • ibtisam... more than a year
  • Krishna Dev how long you uesd
  • ibtisam... no
  • Krishna Dev warranty have this mobile?
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