Ahmed Zaid Ahmed Zaid
Posted 481 days ago

Android 8GB Smartphone

3.5" Screen. Android 5.0 8 GB capacity 2 GB ram Rear 5MP camera. Front 2MP camera. Dual sim. Bluetooth. FM radio. MP3 Playback GPS navigation made in china
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  • Ahmed Zaid enough!
  • Hann Shawn you are far worse then me mate i thing you were bought up in some Village !
  • Ahmed Zaid but i dont appreciate any abusive or obnoxious language.. so plz dont comment here anymore. thank u.
  • Ahmed Zaid i can see what kind of manners you have been taught ..
  • Hann Shawn nvm this is such a cliche !
  • Ahmed Zaid ok. now grow up.. and plz don't use profound language on my ad.
  • Hann Shawn i love the fact how you describe the phone in capital letters and in the end write made in china in regular XD
  • Hann Shawn fake ass mobile on awok it's 10 dhs XD my phones cover is expensive than this toy XD
  • Hann Shawn haha talking about manhood. hola at me bruh Imma kill ya. wowbthis phone has fm radio as well ? wow that's lacking in other smartphones i guess !
  • Ahmed Zaid HAHA HAHAHHAHAH feeling jelous?... because i didnt purchase ur phone.. dont worry dude.. be a man, dont act like a girl :-D
  • Hann Shawn fake ! it doesn't have 2 gb ram it barely has 256 mb ram. try cpu-z if that app can even download in this phone XD
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