vijay321 vijay321
Posted 471 days ago

used iphone 6 in perfect condition in and out without box.

Hi, I'm selling #used iphone 6 16 gb in perfect condition in and out without box.
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • ghulam abbas Ok your property 😊😊😊
  • vijay321 no price is fixed its in perfect condition
  • ghulam abbas 850?
  • Abdul Allah No worries thanks
  • vijay321 no sorry
  • Abdul Allah 800
  • vijay321 its a final price i cant make any sort of discount in it
  • Amjad9535 Ali9535 so tell me final nd last price i don't want bargaining
  • Amjad9535 Ali9535 okay fine
  • vijay321 no problem in and out
  • vijay321 its almost perfect nothing lyk that
  • Amjad9535 Ali9535 tell me man
  • Amjad9535 Ali9535 nd make a sur any probm wth this or not damage from corners.....?
  • Amjad9535 Ali9535 charger earphone come wth this....?
  • vijay321 no
  • Rukhsar pls.can you make it 900...I'm interested
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