Cristie Cristie
Posted 538 days ago

Guitar Slightly Used But In Good Condition

Hi, I'm selling #Guitar Slightly Used But In Good Condition
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Sami65 540
  • Cristie Ok
  • Kainat Tariq i bought from . other persn..sorry
  • Cristie Hey are going to take the guitar? Let me know as someone is asking also. Thanks
  • Cristie Let me know when you want to collect
  • Cristie Ok take it for 400
  • Cristie Ok lets meet halfway take it for 450
  • Kainat Tariq 400...for 2
  • Cristie How much you want?
  • Kainat Tariq last price?
  • Cristie Yes still available
  • Kainat Tariq still available
  • Cristie 2 for 500 only
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550 AED, delivery included