Used Samsung Tablet in Dubai, UAE
Mian Ibrahim Mian Ibrahim

Samsung Tablet

Hi, I'm selling #Samsung Tablet 16 go 200 aed
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Zyaz Shaidu 200
  • Umar Innocent brother u have to make some kind of box to pack it
  • Rushil sold?
  • Mian Ibrahim It’s original it’s 2 year old still charges turns on and tasks fine
  • Rushil And orginal?
  • Rushil How used?
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed what is your offer
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed 150 last please
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed I'll buy now
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed for my kid
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed last I'll give 150
  • Mian Ibrahim No but you will obviously find it slow because it is from 2013 and you have a faster processor in your phone
  • UMar. Nadeem.ahmed Any problem
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200 AED, delivery included