Used Iphone 7 128GB jet Black in Dubai, UAE
Alex ander Alex ander

Iphone 7 128GB jet Black

Very good condition Only changed the cover for golden color original is available
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Alex ander Yes everything is available And warranty is available from Apple as IMEI will do
  • Sara Tarek please send me warranty picture on whatsapp 0561247133
  • Sara Tarek and can you send warranty with it?
  • Sara Tarek chrager? earphones?
  • Alex ander Warranty from Apple
  • Alex ander Everything is original and any sim card can use No problem on the phone
  • Sara Tarek and charger? warranty?
  • Sara Tarek any problem?
  • Sara Tarek can use etisalat sim card? and any country normal?
  • Alex ander 2000 on meltoo coz i will lose a lot while its very good condition
  • Sara Tarek original? and any accessories?
  • Sara Tarek 1900 on melltoo?
  • Alex ander Or 0505501443
  • Alex ander 0501614941
  • Alex ander Deal
  • Sara Tarek 1900?
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2250 AED, delivery included