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Posted 429 days ago

Nokia 3

With all accessories, box , carrifour bill. Phone is in perfect condition. Price is fixed.
  • Brand : Other
  • Color : White
  • Memory : 16 GB
  • Condition : Used, like new
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • fabeefayas ok
  • Suleiman Khan Ok done send with all accessories.
  • Abdul Allah Want to buy buy man why so many questions he is giving bill warranty what else you need
  • fabeefayas i repeat again. no problem at all.. everything smooth... working perfect.. if not u can return dear..
  • Suleiman Khan fone I send to pakistan so there's working r not
  • fabeefayas sure
  • fabeefayas phone just used for puting indian sim
  • Suleiman Khan any problem in fone can I send back
  • fabeefayas charger . cable . head phone not used
  • fabeefayas just send hai in chat
  • fabeefayas ok
  • Suleiman Khan can u send warranty bill nd charger nd handfree
  • fabeefayas i will provide u original bill
  • fabeefayas if any thing u can return
  • fabeefayas no problem at all
  • fabeefayas yes
  • Suleiman Khan working perfectly
  • fabeefayas no.. price is fixed.. i will get only little. melltoo commission is high
  • fabeefayas its in perfect condition...just used for puting sim card
  • Suleiman Khan 500 ok
  • fabeefayas used very very little..
  • fabeefayas nokia 3 launched recently..
  • fabeefayas 2 months.
  • Suleiman Khan how's long used
  • fabeefayas carrefour
  • fabeefayas yes
  • Suleiman Khan have warranty
  • arunchmm make it 500 I will buy now
  • Abdul Allah No worries thanks bro
  • fabeefayas sorry.. price is fixed
  • Abdul Allah Dear 400 is market price new i have given best price
  • fabeefayas dual sim plus memory card u can put
  • fabeefayas with carrifour bill
  • fabeefayas almost 10 months warrenty
  • fabeefayas dual sim
  • Abdul Allah It is single or dual sim
  • fabeefayas price is fixed
  • fabeefayas not ok
  • Abdul Allah 400 is ok boss
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534 AED, delivery included