Used iPhone 7 Plus 128 gb space grey in Dubai, UAE

iPhone 7 Plus 128 gb space grey

Bought in November 2016
  • Memory : 128 GB
  • Brand : Apple
  • Condition : Used, like new
  • Color : Space Grey
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • SAAHIBJEET SINGH @sara tarek 2200dhs last by cash. Thanks
  • Farhan Tariq i can pay u trough melto bro
  • SAAHIBJEET SINGH Yes everything. Plus polo original back cover as well. But I take cash, not through melto!
  • Farhan Tariq accessory available ? charger box and other accessories
  • Farhan Tariq 2350
  • SAAHIBJEET SINGH Yes in 2300
  • Sara Tarek please whatsapp me 0561247133
  • Sara Tarek hello still available? last price please
  • Abdul Allah 2000
  • SAAHIBJEET SINGH It shows 2580.
  • Sara Tarek so last price on meltto will be?
  • Sara Tarek i need on melltoo because i have free credit
  • SAAHIBJEET SINGH Meltoo took 8%. So whatsapp direct 2300 to me.
  • Sara Tarek melltoo? change price 2300
  • Sara Tarek 2250
  • SAAHIBJEET SINGH No that’s too less
  • Sara Tarek 2200 on melltoo?
  • SAAHIBJEET SINGH I bought in dubai. 2300 last. U can whatsapp. If u want too.
  • Sara Tarek you bought from where? and how much can you give last price on melltoo?
  • SAAHIBJEET SINGH Hey, I used 10 months. There is 2months warranty left. Yes I have all the accessories.
  • Sara Tarek hello, warranty? box? charger? earphone?
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2413 AED, delivery included