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Posted 432 days ago

Xiaomi Redmi 4x, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB

I have Xiomi Redmi 4x, 32GB, 3GB at very reasonable price
  • Brand : Xiaomi
  • Color : White
  • Memory : 32 GB
  • Condition : NEW
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Abdul Allah 450
  • Mohammad Yousaf 360
  • Abdul Allah 400
  • Dr.pransh up
  • Mohammad Yousaf 580 Don
  • Mohammad Yousaf Ok come on my watts app 0554626384
  • Mohammad Yousaf 550
  • Mohammad Yousaf Iam agree
  • Mohammad Yousaf Ok
  • Dr.pransh as a gift, I will give you brand new Bluetooth headset free but won't e an le to reduce price anymore
  • Dr.pransh Mohammad, final offer is 580,if you are serious buyer take it or pls leave it
  • Mohammad Yousaf 0554626384
  • Mohammad Yousaf 500
  • Dr.pransh sorry
  • Mohammad Yousaf 450
  • Dr.pransh sorry
  • Abdul Allah 400
  • Dr.pransh up
  • Dr.pransh up
  • Dr.pransh hurry, final reduced price!
  • Dr.pransh up
  • Dr.pransh sorry Usman, this is last price
  • Dr.pransh Abdul, I will buy two pieces in that price pls!
  • Abdul Allah Usman he is ready to give you take it
  • Usman Pardesi 450 drm
  • Abdul Allah 400
  • Dr.pransh .
  • Dr.pransh up
  • Dr.pransh up
  • Dr.pransh it's 100% original and genuine. company sealed mobile.
  • Dr.pransh up
  • Dr.pransh original
  • Dhurba sigdel hi this duplicate or original
  • Dr.pransh up
  • Dr.pransh refer google for the definition of cheat, I'm not cheating anybody and if you are still feeling the same, consult a doctor because definitely you need some treatment to understand difference between a trade and cheat!
  • selvaskyblue oh ok. its the place for cheats like u. all the best
  • Dr.pransh don't want any more comment from you on my post else I will report to Melltoo!
  • Dr.pransh and if you think you are over smart, Melltoo is not the right place to show it!
  • Dr.pransh don't think people are dumb like you!
  • Dr.pransh have you sold item on Melltoo? if yes you will know, how much you will get when you sale a item of 600!
  • selvaskyblue comment is for the people who wants to buy not for u
  • selvaskyblue if I have free credit i wont waste it to unknown... end of the day u will get 600 right not 300
  • Dr.pransh it's your choice to buy in 450 or using free credit in 600 where ultimately you will end up paying Aed 300
  • Dr.pransh OK, go and buy from souq or awok why are you wasting your precious time in such comment!
  • selvaskyblue ha ha u purchased in awok 449 and selling 600 here
  • Dr.pransh it's a 4 G, with finger print lock
  • Dr.pransh sealed piece, final price. unwanted gift received
  • Dr.pransh up
  • Dr.pransh up
  • Dr.pransh go and buy from there
  • selvaskyblue 450 in souq.com ha ha
  • Dr.pransh and final price
  • Dr.pransh no brother sorry, it's a packed piece
  • suman ahamed 500 ok?
  • Dr.pransh sorry this is final price
  • selvaskyblue if u change price to 400 i can
  • wasim shaikh 350 is value for money
  • selvaskyblue yea worth for 400. because new 449 in souq
  • suman ahamed 400 ok?
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570 AED, delivery included