Used Acer laptop i5 in Dubai, UAE
Salahudeen_Noorani Salahudeen_Noorani

Acer laptop i5

Acer laptop Prossecer i5 HDD 500GB RAM 4GB Screen size 14 DVD Bluetooth WiFi Perfect condition
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Md Ahmad if u reduce some .....
  • Md Ahmad i need it man
  • Salahudeen_Noorani yes
  • Md Ahmad hi
  • kumail haidar hiii
  • Salahudeen_Noorani 050 440 7818 WhatsApp me
  • Zain Butt I want to this one bt you no Contact me
  • Salahudeen_Noorani perfect working
  • Salahudeen_Noorani no damages and perfect condition
  • RosieOcon is it working fine? any damage?
  • Salahudeen_Noorani yes
  • RosieOcon hi is this still available?
  • Salahudeen_Noorani sorry my dear 550 I can
  • Pvvineeth043 500
  • Zain Butt 00971504294271
  • Zain Butt you have what'sspp
  • Zain Butt I need to this laptop
  • Zain Butt Hello
  • Abdul Allah Brainless peoples entertaining this time and disturbing others
  • Emmanuel Semugoma ok no prob
  • Salahudeen_Noorani I'll send tomorrow
  • Salahudeen_Noorani 2hr
  • Emmanuel Semugoma send me pics of the bottom side amd hw is battery?
  • Salahudeen_Noorani very good
  • Emmanuel Semugoma n wana hav alook at the bottom of it
  • Emmanuel Semugoma Noorani inbox me
  • Kigg Musisi Inno hi I give you 300
  • Ashok Adhikari i have got a better laptop than this in same price if any 1 interested
  • Salahudeen_Noorani battery life 2 hr
  • Muktar what about battery life?? any scratch ??
  • Salahudeen_Noorani hi
  • Salahudeen_Noorani 3 year
  • Sajwan Sanjay How many years old this.
  • Hafiz Zeeshan okay man make 500 it's final if u can....
  • Haroon Meher make it 300
  • Salahudeen_Noorani don't make fun hafiz zèeshan
  • Hafiz Zeeshan make it 450
  • Salahudeen_Noorani I can make 550
  • shaukat.awan make it 500
  • Salahudeen_Noorani how much you expected
  • Shiva Shrestha i need how much fixed prise
  • Salahudeen_Noorani .
  • shaukat.awan final price?
  • Salahudeen_Noorani first generation
  • Abdul Allah Which generation
  • facebootik 350
  • Sa Na Last price please
  • Sa Na Hy
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591 AED, delivery included