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Posted 491 days ago

Apple ipod 6th generation 32 gb

Apple ipod 6th generation 32gb for sell in perfect condition no scratches and used for few months only with FaceTime and many others function
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Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • mari krishna 500
  • sa al 410
  • Nurka Kastu 50?
  • màrc melart 400
  • Muhammedarshad63 400
  • BarhoomHassan U have box and charge?
  • Mohammed_Layik nope, i had 6th generation ipod..but i lost it..and it doesn't have the thing... Go check online or the pictures in online will
  • Mohammed_Layik go check online, then you will know who is the one should go for the "Checkup"
  • Mohammad Mustafa u sure ? last time i checked its their in 6th as well
  • Mohammed_Layik 6th generation, does not have the pod Holder band Thing, it is there in 5th... go check.
  • Mohammad Mustafa maybe u should go for check up ur doubts ll be cleared
  • Mohammed_Layik you are having knowledge or me?
  • Mohammad Mustafa if u cant afford dont try to spread some fake news
  • Mohammad Mustafa u r holding it or me ?
  • Mohammed_Layik this is not 6th generation
  • Abdul Allah 300 i can take
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