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Ahmedkhaled Ahmedkhaled

For sale cycle sport

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  • Ahmedkhaled Behind the operating screen there is a small where you can replace a battries for the screeen
  • Ahmedkhaled Is it okay
  • Ahmedkhaled And just start moving with the bike and the screen will work automatically
  • Ahmedkhaled Just apply to energizer battries and it will work
  • Ahmedkhaled Back of oprating screen need two batteries
  • Madiha Hassaan hi i hought ur sports cycle recieved 2day just wana ask h to operate screen no connection its not working wait 4 repky2
  • Ahmedkhaled I selling for 200 only New is 700
  • Ahmedkhaled It doesnt have any problem and its like new
  • Ahmedkhaled Why you didnt buy ?
  • Ahmedkhaled Done
  • Ahmedkhaled Ok
  • Sara Tarek okay please change price so i can buy
  • Ahmedkhaled I have 3 requests from other people to buy , if you will buy i will accept now
  • Ahmedkhaled Ok
  • Sara Tarek 210?
  • Ahmedkhaled Last is 240
  • Sara Tarek last price?
  • Ahmedkhaled Up
  • Ahmedkhaled Up
  • Ahmedkhaled Up
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205 AED, delivery included