Used iPhone 6 golden colour 64GB # 0559707111 in Dubai, UAE
Umair Khan Umair Khan

iPhone 6 golden colour 64GB # 0559707111

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  • Faiz Syed hi
  • Sohail Jaan because give me you number if you interested for exchange with z5
  • Opeyemi Ogunyemi any problem with it?
  • Umair Khan
  • Umair Khan why should I call you
  • Sohail Jaan call me
  • Sohail Jaan hello boss possible exchange with xperia z5 dual sim model
  • suman ahamed 500 ok
  • Sakina Bandukwala Hello i am interested - please give final price. Also is it in good condition?
  • Umair Khan ??
  • Anthony Dsouza 500 last
  • sohail Khan 750
  • Umair Khan for sale no have
  • Zach Efy bro u have any other phone ?
  • Umair Khan if you want so I send you IMEI number you can check its for GCC
  • Umair Khan no original I buy brand new before
  • Zach Efy box accessories ?
  • Zach Efy it's refurb ?
  • Umair Khan my phone number is already mentioned if you want 850 so do let me know
  • Zach Efy 800 I'll buy bro
  • Anwar UAE my last price 750
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932 AED, delivery included