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Posted 387 days ago

IPhone Charger Master Copy for 5/5s 6/6s

Master Copy charger for iphone 5/5s 6/6s
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Gautam Buddha
  • Gautam Buddha
  • Gautam Buddha Thank you, So Much too.
  • jassem1 Appreciate your honesty..thanks
  • Gautam Buddha But its working well..
  • jassem1 I have bought same like this.,it is spoiling the charger slot..not charging properly.if you anything authentic let us know.
  • Gautam Buddha Yes but Now I understand..but This is Same like original
  • jassem1 See you changed now to master copy....
  • Gautam Buddha iam Also...Not Sure 100% but I bought Also Market.
  • jassem1 Price is fine bro..just confirm it is original from apple brand..last time I bought it like this it was master is not charging properly..
  • Gautam Buddha I bought from also market..I paid..original price..if u confuse ..plz do not buy.
  • jassem1 There is same like copy original in the market?i hope this is not the one..I need exactly original from apple bro pls
  • Gautam Buddha its lowest price..if I make 40/- My original cost also Not Cover...
  • jassem1 This is your last price? Can you make 40aed?
  • Gautam Buddha Yes...Original Apple Brand.
  • jassem1 Is it original from apple?
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